How to get Monopoly Money in Stumble Guys (New Monopoly Update)

Stumble Guys Monopoly Go Update is here. With this update, plenty of new events and tournaments arrived along with new in-game currencies such as Super Tokens and Monopoly Money. Additionally, new skin stuff has made its way with brand new 3 maps.

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Using the Monopoly Money token, players can claim rewards such as unique emotes or footsteps animation along with priority-based stumble guys new skins which every Stumbler user should have.

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How to get Monopoly Money in Stumble Guys

How to get Monoply Money in Stumble Guys
How to get Monopoly Money in Stumble Guys

With the latest collaboration of Scopely with the Monopoly Go game, new coin resources have been introduced namely Super Tokens along with Monopoly Money tokens.

There are several ways to collect them all but we will be discussing fast and easy methods to claim them.

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  • Monopoly Money using Stumble Guys Store
  • Spinning Monopoly Wheel for tokens
  • Completing Free Stumble Guys Pass
  • Purchasing Stumble Guys Pass for additional tokens
  • Accomplishing coins via Events and Tournament missions
  • Direct Transaction to buy Monopoly Money in the Shop menu

Now, let’s have a detailed analysis and methods on how to get Super Tokens in Stumble Guys along with other skins.

Get Monopoly Money for free through SG Store

Stumble Guys Store Free Rewards
Stumble Guys Store Free Rewards

This is considered a free reward that every user will get who tries to redeem through the official website of Stumble Guys. Follow the below steps to proceed toward the landing page to get a few gifts for free.

  1. Click on the profile menu in Stumble Guys
  2. Copy username to clipboard through the given button
  3. Visit the Stumble Guys Store to claim a free reward
  4. Paste the copied username in the top box and press enter
  5. Scroll down for Daily Gift deals
  6. Click on Get Free to redeem the reward
  7. Now, apply the same methods to get Super Tokens
  8. The user gets 20 Monopoly Money 20 Super Tokens

For 20 tokens, it might look worthless but they are really valuable and need to be spent wisely each time.

Monopoly Money through Spinning Wheel

Spin the Wheel for Monoply Money
Spin the Wheel for Monopoly Money

Stumble Guys Wheels are a major source of free skins as well as tokens when it comes to collection instantly. With the latest update, new types of wheels have been added. Some of them are free while most others are cheap and affordable to try out.

  1. Go to Stumble Guys Free Prizes Section
  2. Spin Mr.Monopoly Wheel (new)
  3. Spin Monopoly Wheel (paid)
  4. Monopoly Money Wheel (watch ads to get the reward)
  5. Repetitive steps every day would make sure the player never runs off tokens in this season.

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Completing Stumble Guys Pass to get Monopoly Money

Stumble Guys Monoply Pass
Stumble Guys Monopoly Pass

SG Pass is a fairly good opportunity to carry out the execution of various rare items. Free and Premium Pass versions avail huge quantities of gifts which can be claimed by moving one tile further each time.

For Free Pass, rewards are distributed at alternative tier lists while users with Premium Pass have sure skins in each block. Based on your experience, complete missions to collect coins as fast as possible.

Completing Stumble Guys Events & Tournaments

Stumble Guys New Events & Tournaments
Stumble Guys New Events & Tournaments

At present, events have extended validity from a week to 2 weeks. Make sure to participate in the event to top the leaderboard and get thousands of tokens

Stumble Guys Monopoly Update Events

  • Monopoly Madness
  • Monopoly Rush
  • Challenger Block Dash
  • Legendary Block Dash
  • Splodin’ Sharks

This will consume more time than you think. Keep progressing and achieve new records in each season and map.

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