Star Wars: Hunters launches in June for Switch, Android & iOS

Star Wars: Hunters, a team-based battle arena shooter game, is finally releasing on June 4. The developers of the game, Zynga and Lucasfilm Games have finally announced the global release date for Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

Star Wars: Hunters launches on June 4

The official trailer on YouTube reveals not only the launch date of the next Star Wars franchise game but also snapshots of in-game characters in a unique way.

The game features fast-paced multi-player clashes across maps inspired by classic locales, from Hoth to Endor. But Star Wars: Hunters also introduces a new element to Star Wars storytelling with its brand of arena combat, a form of fight-entertainment;

Characters in Star Wars: Hunters

  • Zaina
  • Skora
  • Sentinel
  • Charr
  • Utooni
  • J-3DI
  • Diago
  • Sprocket
  • Grozz
  • Imara Vex
  • Rieve
  • Aran Tal
  • Slingshot

The game will be listed as Free-to-Play for mobile devices and consoles, including special skins for each character and weapon.

New characters
New characters

The development of Star Wars Hunters was first announced in 2021 with a cinematic teaser and trailer. Multiple close beta gameplay revealed a new map of Death Star Crossfire, the game mode of Trophy Chase, and Ranged weapons.

Later updates added exciting game modes such as Vandor Railyard, Dynamic Control Point, Boulder Bash, and Arena Pass. Overall, developers made sure the game was perfect to entertain a wide range of audience.


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