Stumble Guys Event: Endless Block Dash [Guide + Tips]

Stumble Guys is one of the craziest fun knockout battle royale games where players compete against each other for the spot of the top 3 and especially to win the tournament. There is a series of events taking place lasting for several days which not only gives a competitive environment but extra rewards through Stumble Pass in terms of gems, coins, and stars.

Here is a guide on Endless Block Dash, a new map that consists of 3 rounds of Block Dash map eliminating underperforming players at the end of each round. Not only the guide but some of the best tips and recommendations are listed when followed increasing ranking to a bigger extent.

Stumble Guys Endless Block Dash Event

How to play endless block dash event in stumble guys
How to play endless block dash events in Stumble guys

Test your endurance in this modified Block Dash event, Endless Block Dash! Try not to choke as an onslaught of endless blocks comes your way! How long do you think you will survive?

How to play Endless Block Dash Challenge

  1. Open the Stumble Guys game
  2. Tap Event Menu beside the start button
  3. Choose Block Dash Challenge
  4. Play round 1, 2, and final round 3 to top the leaderboard
  5. Claim rewards for successful completion of rounds
  6. Keep repeating the above steps for big wins and rewards

Reward List for Top 1

Endless Block Dash Reward List
Endless Block Dash Reward List
  • Crown: 1
  • Stars: 45
  • Cup: 30

The reward for each round

Round 1:
  • Stars: 20
  • XP: 100
Round 2:
  • Stars: 30
  • Cup: 10
  • XP: 500
Round 3:
  • Stars: 35
  • Cup: 20
  • XP: 1500

Stumble Guys: Block Dasher Skin

Block Dasher Skin
Block Dasher Skin

If the player manages to top the leaderboard, Block Dasher Skin is rewarded for this envious achievement. Block Dasher is new skin introduced and can be claimed by playing this event exclusively. That’s another reason to participate in this challenge.

Stumble Guys Event: Tips and Tricks

Stumble Guys is all about practice, experiences, and tricks to overcome obstructions. Each Map has a fixed look which makes it easy to qualify if the player learns to dodge certain balls etc to reach the boundary. Learn about Rabbids update for better knowledge of new features and skins coming to the game.

  • Block Dash contains blocks that players need to dodge
  • Use jump, sideways move and run to tackle
  • Move some steps back to get extra time to take actions
  • Do not cross the square block, there is a dead-end
  • Play multiple times to gain experience

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