Your phone’s notifications panel could look better in landscape in Android 15

Being a widely used OS, Android is well-scaled for varied devices, ranging from mixed-sized mobiles to tablets. As we mostly handle our handset in portrait mode, Android developers haven’t had touch to the landscape mode. But this doesn’t define the urgency to use landscape at certain times.

On rotating the device, we notice the un-optimized system UI of the notification panel. Fortunately, the scenario is changing with Android 15 implementing a tablet-inspired notification panel and lock screen in the landscape mode.

Writing for Android Authority, Android OS expert Mishaal Rahman reported the revamped user interface of the Notification Panel in Android 15. The new design aligns the Quick Settings to the left of the screen, providing a much larger space for displaying notifications.

Take a look at the new notification panel, with and without notification:


While the Material You design of Android 14 is quite similar to the given notification panel on Android 15, the formal stretches the button to align with the rotated screen, giving an unpleasing look. Additionally, in landscape mode, the date and timing align to the left and the options of Settings, Power button, Profile, and Edit Quick Settings went missing. This hindered the ease of interaction.

The new landscape mode layout for phones’ lock screens looks similar to the one for tablets

Android Authority also reports the tweak from Android 14 QPR1 Beta 1 and Beta 2 to make its way into Android 15. The stock Android 14 doesn’t retain the landscape mode when the device is locked. In such cases, the orientation reverts to the portrait. Android 15, however, will support the landscape mode on the lock screen.

The new keyguard interface accompanies the lock screen landscape mode in Android 15. Here the keypad secures the right side of the screen, and output Enter PIN is located on the left side.

Android 15 keyguard in landscape mode
Android 15 keyguard in landscape mode | Android Authority

Although the landscape mode’s notification panel and lock screen look handy, they still are under development. Mishaal reportedly encountered several bugs where the media player overlapped with lock screen shortcuts.

Did you find the new landscape orientation for the notification panel and lock screen valuable? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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