Android 15 might let you create Avatars and integrate with other apps

With the recent release of Android 15 Beta, we have valuable insights into features like Quarantine Apps, NFC, and sideloading. Android 15 has plenty to offer, and now, it seems Android 15 is getting a dedicated Android application for picking an avatar – the Avatar Picker app. The Avatar Picker app is expected to focus on integrating the Avatar Picker with other apps.

In our exploration of the latest Android Code Search, we’ve spotted a code string hinting at this potential change. Here are specific strings that mention the Avatar Picker app.

<!– Intent action to open Avatar Picker app –> <string name=”config_avatar_picker_action” translatable=”false”> </string>


<string name=”app_name”>Avatar Picker</string>


<!– Title for a screen allowing the user to choose a profile picture. [CHAR LIMIT=NONE] –>

<string name=”avatar_picker_title”>Choose a picture</string>


<!– An option in a photo selection dialog to take a new photo [CHAR LIMIT=50] –>

<string name=”user_image_take_photo”>Take a photo</string>


<!– An option in a photo selection dialog to choose a pre-existing image [CHAR LIMIT=50] –>

<string name=”user_image_choose_photo”>Choose an image</string>


<!– Accessibility message for the photo selector which is a button/popup with the current photo [CHAR LIMIT=50] –>

<string name=”user_image_photo_selector”>Select photo</string>

Accompanied by various Java and XML scripts, these codes in Android 15 are integrating an app named “Avatar Picker” (package name: into Settings. The manifest defines AvatarPickerActivity and specifies that the Avatar Picker app can be initiated by other apps using a custom intent action.

While much of the info regarding its functionality is unknown, it is obvious that the app will let you create an Avatar. This entails options like taking a photo or choosing an image from files. On selecting a photo, you can edit and apply it as your avatar.

Moreover, the code at ‘androidx.core.content.FileProvider‘ hints at file sharing with other apps. For instance, a social media app wanting the user to make an avatar will trigger an activity config_avatar_picker_action or possibly On launching, Avatar Picker is likely to fetch available avatar options like icons and illustrations.

Considering platforms like WhatsApp and Snapchat already offer avatar creation tools, the Avatar Picker app’s purpose might revolve around leveraging existing avatars across multiple applications. The Avatar Picker app might let these apps prepare avatars too, although this remains speculative.

Other than the integration with the applications, it firmly appears that the Avatar Picker app will let you integrate it with Wear OS. Given the feature of setting Bitmoji as the watch face on Wear OS, we can expect the potential integration.

Default Apps in Android 15
Here is the list of default apps in Android 15. Check out the first entry of AvatarPicker

Beyond app integration, the Avatar Picker app is also exploring Avatar Sync functionality, enabling avatar synchronization across multiple user profiles. However, the inclusion of a Flag suggests this syncing feature is still under development or considered experimental in Android 15.


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