Delta emulator hits 3 million downloads with No.1 spot in Top Charts

Since the release of the emulator Delta on Apple’s App Store, it quickly climbed the #1 spot in the Top Free Download section. Recently, Delta has crossed the milestone of reaching 3 Million users in just 4 days.

Emulator Delta hits 3 Million downloads milestone within the first week of the launch

As spotted by Mobilegamer (via Appmagic), Delta, a retro game emulator, remained the most popular application on the App Store. The countries in which it grossed include the US, UK, China, Mexico, Japan, and others. , it has secured the No.1 spot across 35 countries.

Delta is No.1 on App Store
Delta is No.1 on App Store

Delta has successfully outranked Temu, Instagram’s Threads, Google, TikTok, SHEIN, ChatGPT, and WhatsApp in terms of most downloaded apps for this week.

‘Delta is an all-in-one emulator for iOS. Delta builds upon the strengths of its predecessor, GBA4iOS, while expanding to include support for more game systems such as NES, SNES, N64, and DS.’

Numerous retro games that were originally available on Game Boy & Nintendo consoles are supported on iPhone, thanks to the Delta emulator. Earlier users needed external software to play the games which redirected them away from the Appstore.

Delta emulator
Delta emulator

Upon the official emulator availability, users are playing Pokemon Unbound & Rom Hacks, Advance Wars, Legend of Zelda, and various other titles on their iPhone devices. Additionally, the AirPlay feature transforms ordinary smartphones into extreme retro console


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