COC Clan Games April 2024: Rewards, Tier List & Tips

Clash of Clans has revealed the rewards list and event details for the Egyptian Clan Games. The game includes a monthly event that usually takes place in the last week. For the April 2024 season, Clan Games would take place from 22nd April to 28th April.

Players have a whole week to compete and contribute a maximum of 4,000 points to push the clan towards unlocking all rewards on the way. Additionally, users can use the provided tips to have the utmost benefit.

COC Clan Games April 2024

Egypt Season
Egypt Season

Clash of Clans introduced an Egyptian theme for the April season which was conveyed by home village scenery as well as hero skins. To make things even more interesting, each task has been designed that increase the toughness and interest of the player.

Reward List

Below are rewards based on the points collected by clan members over seven days. It might seem tough to unlock the last rewards but the threshold is easily achieved for active clan and member strength.

Reward List
Reward List

Tier 1 (3,000 points)

  • 20% elixir of max storage
  • Clock Tower Boost ×1
  • 20 gems
  • 20 XP

Tier 2 (7,500 points)

  • 20% gold of max storage
  • 1 Hero Potion
  • 1 Training Potion
  • 40 XP

Tier 3 (12,000 points)

  • Shovel ×1
  • Research Potion ×1
  • Bag of 50 gems
  • 60 XP

Tier 4 (18,000 points)

  • 80% Elixir
  • 80% Gold
  • Wall of Rings ×6
  • 80 XP

Tier 5 (30,000 points)

  • 100% dark elixir resource potion ×2
  • Rune of builder elixir ×1
  • Builder Potion ×2
  • 100 XP

Tier 6 (50,000 points)

  • Book of Building ×1
  • Rune of Elixir (Home Village)
  • Gems ×100
  • 120 XP

Each reward tier now provides XP which would not happen in clan games for a long time.

Tips and Tricks for Clan Games

Tips & Tricks for Clan Games
Tips & Tricks for Clan Games

In the end, it is crucial to follow best practices that help to contribute even more points than the threshold but also actively support other users to make more efforts.

  1. Keep the army ready as soon as the Clan Games begin.
  2. Choose the initial mission in such as way that it should be accomplished in a single attack
  3. Builder Base challenges should be set on priority as no training time is required
  4. Collecting gold and elixir tasks can be left for clan members with low trophies and higher TH level
  5. Do no trash missions unless it’s impossible to complete in a given time.
  6. After reaching the end, select a challenge that would ultimately exceed 4,000 points

Anyone can achieve points ranging from 4,000 to 5,000 using these tips.


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