Legend of Mushroom collabrates with PEPE The Frog for new event

Legend of Mushroom is set to bring new events and pals through collaborating with PEPE The Frog. This collaboration event will take place in the new update that will be released on 24th April.

Legend of Mushroom collaborates with PEPE The Frog for the upcoming update

According to Joynetgame, developers of Legend of Mushroom, the crossover with PEPE, a viral meme, will significantly increase the game’s popularity. Shroomies can mark 26th April on the calendar as the most awaited event – PEPE Universe.

A famous adventurer is about to debut in Legend of Mushroom. Players are expected to receive gifts, new pets, special skins, and in-game resources for competing in the upcoming events. A new code ‘PEPEROOM” has been released for exclusive rewards. 

New Events & Unlockables

PEPE The Frog in Legend of Mushroom
PEPE The Frog in Legend of Mushroom
  • PEPE Universe
  • Fortune Cat (special)
  • Enchant (new gameplay)
  • Sweep in Ruined Ancient City
  • Family Brawl Optimisations
  • Bug and glitch fixes

Prior to the collaboration announcement, Asian servers already introduced the Find Pepe event. Shroomies were busy hunting clues for Pepe’s Hide and Seek during the Maple Rush.

Since the release, new events have been added every week to keep Shroomies intact with the game. Recently, Foodie Fun allowed users to upgrade Mounts and claim new artifacts. Gold Bar Theft was a successful event grabbing the attention of a global audience.


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