Falinks is the new Pokemon coming in Pokemon Unite

An all-rounder, attacker, and melee expert Pokemon Falinks has been officially confirmed to debut in the Pokemon Unite during the Battle Pass 23. Falinks will be marching into your arena from April 25 onwards with its majestic abilities.

Falinks will be coming to Pokemon Unite

Falinks is not a regular single Pokemon, but instead a group of brass and five troopers that coordinate accordingly. Being an attacking unit, moveset are pretty impressive along with formations to deal massive damage.

Falinks Statistics

Falinks Build
Falinks Build

Depending on strategy, Falinks can be used in mainly three formations – No Retreat Formation, Column Formation, and Dispatch Formation. Falinks can hold extra Aeos Energy compared to other Pokemon of the same type. According to game8, below are the stats of new Pokemon.

  • HP – 65
  • Attack – 100
  • Defense – 100
  • Sp. Attack – 70
  • Sp. Defense – 60
  • Speed – 75

Additionally, Pokemon can reduce damage by a certain percentage after getting several critical hits.

Falinks Attack Moves

Falinks best moves
Falinks best moves
  • Basic Attack: All the troopers are united and attack the enemy by surrounding from all directions with a dash.
  • Tackle: As usual, charging against the enemy and releasing with extreme strength causing destructive damage. A boosted free attack is made available after this move is used.
  • Bulk Up: Bulk Up increases attack and defense by 30% while special defense by 25%. All the troopers show rapid movements.
  • Megahorn: Advanced version of Tackle. Each hit with increased damage. The green animation effect makes it even more glorious.
  • Iron Head: Troopers jump the selected area dealing area splash damage. With Dispatch & Column formation, a small variation is seen.
  • Beat Up: Upon using the Beat Up ability, the health recovery is initiated. For the max level, over 500 points are regained.

It should be noted that few abilities behave completely differently upon fusing with formation.

Apart from Falinks, players can instantly unlock Mew, the Kimono Style, and further rank it to the Umbreon in the season of Battle Pass 23. Also, April Finals Champions are available across various regions.


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