Pokemon Unite Battle Pass 16: Mr.Mime and Scizor [New Pokemons]

Pokemon Unite brings a long-awaited Battle Pass 16 in the month of June. In the previous season, Umbreon, Glaceon, and Lutano were introduced. Eevee Festival was widely circulated to collect Aeos coins to unlock Umbreon and other Pokemon.

In Battle Pass 16, an aristocrat-styled Mr.Mime Pokemon is ready to debut with the Pokemon Unite. Further ranking in the pass provides a chance or claim Scizor Pokemon which belongs to Knight Style.

Pokemon Unite Battle Pass 16 Details

Pokemon Unite Scizor
Pokemon Unite Scizor

Pokemon Unite launched Battle Pass 16 on June 2 and will last for the whole month. This season allows players the opportunity to grab offers that are hard to resist. Players can simply take out battle pass rewards like Aeos Coins, Gold, and Silver Emblem Box along with Tickets and enhancers.

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Everyone is expected to complete a mission to progress faster than before. Players can download and play Pokemon Unite on Playstore, Appstore, and Nintendo Switch. Know more information about the pass from the Pokemon Unite article.

Pokemon Unite Mr.Mime
Pokemon Unite Mr.Mime


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