How to get Roland in Sakura Stand [Roland Quest]

The new update has finally arrived in the Sakura Stand. With this update, a series of tasks are laid during Roland Quest to unlock Roland spec along with other resources.

Here is a complete guide on unlocking Roland by collecting mask tokens followed by cracking the Library number & Laptop puzzle. In the end, everyone will be able to claim a new protagonist and use it in the battle.

How to unlock Roland in Sakura Stand?

The Black Silence aka Roland is the newest spec with majestic strength and capable of destroying tough bosses. But there’s a twist, the new challenge has fused simpler tasks to increase difficulty thus making it harder for players to unlock.

Once Roland Quest has been completed, Roland will be available to equip and have fun battles with it.

How to complete Roland Quest in Sakura Stand

Roland Quest
Roland Quest
  1. Search for NPC inside the Dark Alley area
  2. Fight with NPC, killing drops Mask
  3. Equip the mask and head towards the location of Unrented Office
  4. Start a mission to kill 10 players or NPCs
  5. Go to the library after collecting library number codes
  6. Enter the correct code corresponding to hints on the Laptop
  7. Roland Quest is over and the player unlocks Roland

To complete this quest, the user needs to find various NPC across the map and initiate a conversation. Few NPCs drop tokens that help unlock mysteries in the Roblox.

The final NPC leads us towards the Library and it’s time to collect all 6 library-coded numbers. Each code is associated with its token and color for identification.

The later part includes a matching library puzzle with its corresponding Laptop entry. GamerStones has directly provided the answer below for ease of players.

Library/Laptop Puzzle

Puzzle solution
Puzzle solution
  • Blue (4): Knight of Nights
  • White (2): History of Halloween
  • Red (1): How to make friends?
  • Orange (6): Gemstone Encyclopaedia
  • Green (5): Who is midknight?
  • Purple (3): Is Auddy the owner of Sakura Stand?

Once these steps are accomplished in a definite order, a notification with quest completion pops up. The Roland has been unlocked and is ready to showcase its ability in the arena.


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