Google Contacts will soon make creating contacts more informative

Google Contacts‘ latest version of the app – is introducing several changes to its UI, making it better and more capable. For instance, now Google Contacts has a handy redesign that makes creating and editing contacts more informative, a dedicated button to share your real-time location, and a switch to view device-based activity.

While the new design is not available widely yet, Android Authority’s reliable code sleuth, Assemble Debug, enabled it by utilizing a specific flag – 45627795. Assemble Debug clarified the default availability of the flag, but we weren’t able to spot the redesign.

Google Contacts will make it easier and faster to add a new contact

By default, we had blanks to fill in “Name“, “Company“, and “Phone Number“. On getting the new flag enabled, we get additional “Add email“, “Add Significant date“, “Add address“, and “Add to label“. From the images, it appears that the “Notes” section is getting featured, which will appear on the contact page.

The “Add field” button now opens a dialog to add specific details like Middle name, suffix, and prefix. Earlier, these fields were embedded within the “Name” section. Moreover, you will be able to effortlessly add the contact to your favorite list by clicking the Star button from the top.

Google Contacts will soon let you view Device contacts

From the profile menu, you will soon notice a new addition “Device”, which displays the contacts saved on the device. On selecting Device, the highlights tab shows the recent activities, considering the device contacts.

The new design might come in very handy which now ensures that the Contact Page is not filled with numerous unused fields. Instead, it displays specific useful options. In case a user needs additional tabs, we have a “Custom fields” option at our disposal.


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