Chrome’s Extension Menu gets new UI update and a handy feature

For the past few months, Google has been working on adding Material You to Chrome, and even has called it ‘Refresh’. Now, Google Chrome’s Extension Menu is seeing a redesign with rounded corners and dynamic colors and a new option to disable all extensions at once.

We glimpsed the new Extension Menu by enabling the ‘Extension Menu Access Control‘ Flag. The flag details that it allows users to have more controlled extension site access. It will be rolling out to Chrome browsers on Mac, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, Fuchsia, and Lacros.

Chrome Flag from version 125.0.6398.0:


Chrome New Extension Menu
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Google introduced Material Design language with Android 5.0, and it can be said as the iteration of the process with the introduction in Android 12. Since then the Extension Menu has undergone substantial changes.

And now, this menu has again received some attention. As you can see, the new design is more like a rectangle, with two options; ‘Manage Extensions‘ and ‘Visit Chrome Web Store‘. Clicking the former option opens chrome://extensions, while the latter redirects to

Disable all extensions in a click and More

Also at the top, a new option has been added. This allows the user to disable all active extensions with a click. In case a user has a bunch of extensions, this is the option which will relive those efforts.

The redesign is not just the only update. The new extension menu will display something important. Now, the users will know which extension has access to the visited webpage. For instance, in the given image, extensions need no access for Chrome’s homepage. 

Chrome Extension Menu details
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In case you missed it, Google ChromeOS is testing new editing in the Gallery App and with a new Starred Section in the Files app.


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