Hogwarts Legacy’s visuals just got so much better, thanks to the mod

There are no contrasts in the view that Hogwarts Legacy has quite impressive visuals, especially on consoles and high-end PCs. But what about low-end specs? A Hogwarts Legacy mod by SammiLucia has made these visuals look even more incredible and makes it playable even on lower-end PCs.

A new 4k 60FPS resolution gameplay uploaded by Digital Dreams showcases the game running with the best visual improvement mod.

Ultra Plus Better Lighting and Performance, a mod on NexusMod, increases the Level of Details (LODs) everywhere, sharpening visuals, improving immersions, and bringing better lighting and effects. With the improved stability, reduced VRAM usage of more than 1GB, and reworks on stutters, the game looks utterly stunning.

On perfect installation, you can witness RTX 4090 ray tracing in Hogwarts Legacy. It dramatically improves visuals with raytraced water, shadows, clouds, and rain. The Ultra Plus mod also enables TAA Gen5 (which is used extensively in DLSS).

While the mod is perfectly tested by Stoneydays and Digital Dreams, you will need to follow some steps before installing. You can read them on the official mod page. The mod doesn’t specifically ask for any prerequisites, other than the base game, but recommends a few additional mod files for the best performance.

Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy

There’s no doubt to state that the mods have been helping players in some vital activities. In case you missed it, a player used a mod to create a spectacular vivarium

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