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GamerStones is a Gaming Guides reporting website that covers all topics shaping the world of Gaming. As gaming has not just been limited to PC or PS alone, and is now surfacing on mobile devices. Hence, GamerStones tries to cover these aspects as well.

GamerStones intensely researches each and every aspect of a guide article and regards perspectives from a variety of angles. We tend to provide information in the most efficient way possible.


Our gaming guides have been featured at various reputed sites in the gaming industry. We are proud to be featured on their inventory.

Topics GamerStones cover

  • Gaming Guides
  • Newly Released Games
  • Listicles/Top 5/Top 10
  • All other things that influence gamers

About Jay Kakade

Jay Kakade is the Founder of Gamer Stones, a gaming guides website. Over the period of 2 years of his freelancing, his works have been published in Collider, Sportskeeda, TheMobileIndian, AppTrigger, Tech Genyz, BlogofLegends, Dire Dota, and Show Snob.

About Uday Kakade

Editor-in-Chief of GamerStones, who loves to write excessively meticulous guides on Roblox, Clash Royale, and Clash of Clans. Fact-checking and accurate information is his topmost priority.