A Hogwarts Legacy Player Crafts a Spectacular Vivarium

Even after rambling for almost a year in Hogwarts Legacy, do you really think the game has offered you everything? Beyond the routine of completing quests and hunting for mysterious places, there are tons of additional methods to enjoy the game. One such way is the creation of a stunning and content-rich Vivarium, as done by a Reddit user Zvak-Keh.

In a Reddit post at r/HarryPotterGame, spotted by Game Rant, Zvak-Keh selected a swamp area spot near the first lake to construct this lavish Vivarium. However, the user has reportedly used the Vivarium Upgrado mod. This mod removes placement restrictions, allows a change of color and size of items, unlocks items, increases capacity, and also captures animals like deer.

Inside the Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy
Inside the Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy

This Vivarium is an outcome of patience, dedication, and creativity

With the perfect alignment of items, proper use of pavements, and excellently crafted tents, players can easily mistake this location for an official one. In the 7-minute-long video, the manufacturer tours us to his Vivarium, providing glimpses of beautiful buildings, bridges, and some animals.

My Vivarium, what do you guys think?
byu/Zvak-Keh inHarryPotterGame

It took Zvak-Keh several days to finish the work. From the comments, it seems that he is waiting for the update to include peacocks.

Players considering keeping animals in the Vivarium will have to install the mod. Even though normal animals can be lodged, placing deer will require mod. However, the official PlayStation and Nintendo Switch versions do not support it. 

What’s inside this Vivarium?

Hogwarts Legacy Vivarium
Hogwarts Legacy Vivarium

As the Vivarium is built near a pond, the space is mostly a swamp area. Henceforth we don’t see any walls surrounding it. The water crossing is done via bridges built of wood. The pavement area has fences around it, giving it a splendid look.

Additionally, the walking area has statues of different creatures. Most interestingly, the Vivarium has a tent in it, rich in pets and plants.

Thanks to Zvak-Keh for sharing the beautiful view of his Vivarium. Players tend to share their enigmas with the community, furnishing the players with cool stuff. For instance, a player discovered an abandoned grotto, meanwhile a player came across a shop having three diverse interiors.

Have you ever built something like this? Let us know in the comment section below.


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