The gaming community loves Starfield and Star Wars crossover

Starfield isn’t just limited to action role-playing anymore and involves considerable creativity, thanks to various mods available in the market. A player has taken this modding to the next level by creating The Mandalorian of Star Wars in the Starfield. The gaming community loves Starfield and Star Wars crossover

Starfield player creates a Star Wars environment that perfectly matches and gives avid Star Wars fans a nostalgic feel. Recently, Serenity Ship was highly appreciated by Bethesda on their social media platforms.

Player brings Star Wars to the Starfield using mods

Mods make Starfield into an awesome Mandalorian game
byu/ChristianNDR inStarfield

With the help of 12 mods, a Redditor r/ChristianNDR crafted a certain space and battle location of Star Wars. The Starfield community highly admired the Mandalorian style for its resemblance to the Star Wars franchise.

Advancing the changes, fans are waiting for popular characters such as Yoda & Legendary Jedi to ally with the background.

“If there’s one thing that I know is going to maintain my interest in this game, it’s the Star Wars mods. A few years from now Starfield might just turn into the open world Star Wars game fans have long been clamoring for.” the user conveyed the necessity of mods in the game.

The Mandalorian in Starfield
The Mandalorian in Starfield

Furthermore, gamers are waiting for the Creation Kit to be officially available along with mods. Few express building Halo experience with desired changes. The existing Photo Mode features are extremely effective but not preferable by all users.


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