Fan-made Serenity ship in Starfield gets official Bethesda recognition

A Starfield player, Starfield Shipwright, recreated the Serenity ship from the beloved TV series Firefly, which has now made its way to the Settled System. Bethesda announced the official recognition of the Serenity Ship through an X (formally Twitter) post.

Star Shipwright crafted this stunning spacecraft using glitch build and has shared a comprehensive guide. After taking the minute details and almost replica of the Firefly vessel, the notification says it will include the given Serenity ship to Starfield.

Serenity Ship in Starfield
Serenity Ship crafted by Starfield Shipwright

In a statement made on X, Bethesda, by officially tagging the creator, says, “A recreation of the Serenity has made it to the Settled Systems!” but didn’t say when they plan to introduce it.

Given are the images from the ongoing manufacturing process:

Judging from the builds of Shipwright, looks like he is well-versed in such creations. The X profile boasts several outstanding ships, ranging from the Dagger Modeled ship to the Eagle 5 spacecraft from Star Wars.

The creation of the spectacular ships in Starfield is a typical wonder, where players have simulated Thomas The Tank. Moreover, a player even replicated Charizard Pokemon.

But, there are very few instances of including fan-made creations on the board of the official game. And, Shipwright is among the few who accomplished the feat. While the shipwright has not officially reacted to the news, it is worth his reaction.


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