Subway Surfers Classic 2024 update is now out

Subway Surfers is about to complete its 12th birthday anniversary. On this special occasion, SYBO introduces the old but Classic look of Subway Surfers. The update has been released on 13th May and it’s time for players to collect rewards from the Content Menu.

Subway Surfers Classic 2024

Content Menu would last for the whole season from 13th May to 2nd June introducing 4 sets of surfers characters and hoverboards.

New Surfers and Hoverboards in Subway Surfers Classic 2024

  • Hammy Bee
  • Alarm On
  • Pixel Jack
  • Street Grace
  • Ballerina Tricky
  • Pixel Hoverboard
  • Guard King
  • Birthday 2024

The first phase includes Pixel Jack as the ultimate reward for competing in the Season Challenge while Floor is Lava unlocks Hammy Bee. Season Hunt occurs simultaneously for Guard King and new boards – Mag-Neat-O and Super Surfer Board.

The later phase is entertained by Plant Invasion for Alarm On board. The season ends with Calendar granting Skyrocket boards for lucky ones.

Soundtracks of Classic 2024

Subway Surfers gave a nostalgic feel by providing original soundtracks of the Classic version. Below is the soundtrack available on the official YouTube channel of Sybo.

  • Main Theme
  • Sped Up version
  • Slowed Down version
  • Lofi, Punk & Funk Remix
  • Mediation Remix
  • 8-bit and Synthwave
  • Nightcore and Game Intro song
  • Guard and Dog remix

The Underwater 2024 season has ended and Subway Surfers has reached its next destination for the World Tour. Kindly update the game for new changes to the Classic style.


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