Marvel Snap Season 5 adds new cards and locations in ‘A Blink of Time’

Thunderbolts season has been completed and it’s time for players to dive into the new season of May 2024. Marvel Snap brings A Blink in Time season for players to experience wild rides of the multiverse.

A Blink in Time is all about new cards and locations that confuse opponents with frequent card moves. Moreover, new cards of Series 4 & 5 will be available in the Spotlight cache for unlocking.

Marvel Snap introduces A Blink in Time for Season 5

Season 5 of Marvel Snap has been specially designed to bend the limitations of time. New cards help protect the collapse of the whole universe, break timelines, and enter other dimensions.

This season we welcome a multidimensional misfit group of mutants, each with their own quirks and powers. So, grab your reality-hopping passport and get ready for a wild ride through the multiverse with Blink and the Exiles!

A Blink in Time Season 5 is set to reward players with abundant credits, golds, and cards over the next 4 weeks.

5 New Cards added in Season 5

New cards in Season 5
New cards in Season 5
  • Blink (Cost: 5)
  • Nocturne (Cost: 3)
  • Sage (Cost: 3)
  • Namora (Cost: 5)
  • Sasquatch (Cost: 6)

Below are the new cards that are listed in the pass. Belonging to higher rarity, it is recommended to focus on unlocking the Spotlight Cache. On the other hand, premium passes let’s user claim a few cards instantly.

2 New Locations available now

  • Panoptichron: Cards that didn’t start in your deck get +2 Power
  • Cancun: Power here doesn’t count toward winning the game.

Locations play a key role in deciding who wins the battle. With the arrival of two new locations, it has become harder than before to predict wins beforehand.

The update also includes new shop takeovers, albums, and fresh Twitch drops.

Season 4 of Thunderbolts allowed players to unlock new cards such as White Widow. Luckily Baron Zemo is still locked in Spotlight Cache for a week, waiting for you to claim.


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