Starfield Mod Allows Players to Build Their Own Space Station

There is a Starfield Mod called SpaceStations for Outposts, that allows its players to build their very own fully functional Space Station Outpost using the existing structures. This mod indeed makes the game stand up to its name; Starfield. These Space Stations work on similar premises of Fallout 4’s settlements, where structures are built either to hand in or to mine materials.

Spacestations for Outposts mod allows players to construct the Space Station in the same way the ships are modified. The menus for editing are identical.

Vex Creates It

A Space Station in Starfield

As Starfield has been live for a long period, it has enabled communities to come up with numerous mod DLCs, however, SpaceStations for Outposts mod gives the very taste of an astronomer.

The mod is available on Nexus Mods. Vex, the creator explains the creation by just customizing the existing code. He remarked on some features interrupting the manifestation of this massive structure.

But Not Perfect

Even though the mods look amazing, they are criticized for glitches and surrounded by bugs. In this Mod, most of the players have witnessed docking issues when the crafting is complete. Vex said he is working on ship docking. Currently, the outpost has three dockers.

In addition, it looks like the players will need to install multiple mods to embellish the interior of Space Stations.

Nonetheless, it is a great attempt by the creator, giving Bethesda an opportunity to work on it and provide its players with the authority to create Space Stations. 

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