Google Pay will soon let you add Gift Cards to your wallet

Most of you might be familiar with the recent development that Google Wallet is now available in India and will not replace Google Pay. Google Pay will remain India’s default wireless payment method, with the Gift Cards support and more Material You design.

In Google Pay Beta version 226.1.2, instead of the old UI with two rows with multiple payment options, Google has introduced a single row with four buttons to ‘Scan a QR’, ‘Send Money’, ‘Bank Transfers’, and ‘Recharge and bills’.

While most of the layout remains unchanged, we notice the revamp just for the Quick Access. From the images, it seems that the multiple sections with similar genres are merged. For instance, ‘Pay phone number’, ‘Pay contacts’, and ‘Pay UPI ID or number’ are united under a single section of ‘Send Money’.

While the options to ‘Bank Transfer’ and ‘Self Transfer’ are combined under the section Bank Transfer, the options to ‘Mobile Recharge’ and ‘Pay Bills’ are under ‘Recharge and Bills’.

Google Play now lets you add Gift Cards

Recharge and Bills section from Homepage contains more payment categories like Mobile Recharge, Electricity, DTH/Cable Tv, and more. Take a look at the images, on clicking View all, we see more categorised payments and you can add bills and recharges for automatic payments.

More importantly, Google Pay now supports adding Gift Cards directly to your wallet. Gift Cards might differ based on location. In India, you can get Gift Cards from popular brands; Amazon, BB, and Flipkart.

While we were able to access Gift Cards option in beta version, stable version users will have to wait a little longer.


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