Gray Zone Warfare is set to release into Early Access from April 30

Gray Zone Warfare, an intense tactical FPS game is set to release into Early Access from April 30 onwards. The game’s developers, MADFINGER Games announced the early access release date along with short footage depicting extreme attention to surrounding details.

Gray Zone Warfare is finally getting an Early Access Launch Trailer after months of waiting. Earlier gameplay included the Skalla, Terminal Ballistics, World, and Environment demonstration.

The early access allows a small group of GZW content creators to try out the game before the actual launch. The next step includes rigorous game testing in the pre-alpha phase, which is expected to occur in March.

“Get ready to dive into Gray Zone Warfare. Explore the lush jungle paradise of Lamang Island, where the tales of death and suffering loom at each corner. Gather your squad, gear up, deploy into the action, and watch your step because Every Move Matters”

The game comes in four editions namely – Standard Edition ($34.99), Tactical Edition ($57.99), Elite Edition ($79.99), and Supportive Edition ($99.99). Depending on the edition, in-game unlockables are available from the beginning.

The standard edition includes $10,000 in-game currency, a Locker Size of 10×25, and a Secure Lockbox of 2×2. The cost of the edition increases significantly but provides higher perks.

Each upcoming edition adds extra space to the locker and lockbox, and increments in currency. While Supportive Edition involves exclusive stuff such as trousers, shirts, gloves, color names, and badges.


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