How to get Married in Legend of Mushroom [Marriage System Explained]

The new update introduced a whole new Marriage System in Legend of Mushroom. Just after the PEPE collaboration, major content has been added. Furthermore, Spring Journey is an upcoming event for rare artifacts, diamonds, and other valuable rewards.

Here is a beginner’s guide on the Marriage System allowing users to pair with another friend and enjoy plenty of reward resources.

How to get Married in Legend of Mushroom?

We already had Tech Park, Shroomies Park, and Parking Wars but it’s time to expand the map with Host and Hall buildings. The Hall is the place where the wedding is hosted with a maximum of 50 friendly invitations.

  1. Collect at least 5,000 affinity points to unlock the marriage feature
  2. Select ceremony type depending on the cost
  3. Reserve the wedding time and place
  4. can invite 50 friends only
  5. Claim exciting reward after completion of marriage

The first step includes collecting affinity points. By building intimacy with friends, it becomes possible to choose a romantic partner. The pink heart tokens matter along with gifting Milk Teacups.

Later on, one of the Shroomies couples needs to sponsor the cost of the wedding and proceed ahead. There are three types of options available in Marriage.

Types of Wedding available in Legend of Mushroom

Marriage Cost and Types
Marriage Cost and Types
  • Standard Marriage: 15,000 red diamonds
  • Advanced Marriage: 19.99 gems
  • Luxury Marriage: 99.99 gems

As the cost of marriage increases, the reward list varies. The total attendees limit is extended. At this point, it is recommended to collect and save affinity points leading to successful event completion.


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