How to get Formula 1 car in A Dusty Trip [New Update]

A new update is available for A Dusty Trip in Roblox. Players can now use Garage which will instantly spawn cars across the map. New additions include Formula 1 (F1) cars, Backpacks, Kei, and the Raygun. During this week, Car Spin is available for unlocking rare cars daily.

New Update A Dusty Trip

Compared to previous changes, a recent update has added lots of unlockables. Below is a list of new things players can try unlocking by completing quests and collecting bottle caps.

  • Formula 1 (new car)
  • New Garage
  • Car Spin (new event)
  • KEITruck
  • Raygun
  • Backpacks

How to get a Formula 1 Car in A Dusty Trip

Formula 1 in Car Spin
Formula 1 in Car Spin

The game has plenty of existing vehicles such as Exotica, Vantage, and Classica. Currently, F1 cars are the most difficult cars to equip with a success rate of 0.5% in the spin.

  1. Go to Car Spin in A Dusty Trip
  2. Convert 1,000 bottle caps to 1 spin
  3. Spin the wheel using this token
  4. If you are lucky enough, Formula 1 will be rewarded
  5. Instead of grinding for bottle caps, Robux can be used to purchase spins
  6. Keep on spinning until good cars are unlocked

1 spin can be purchased for 49 Robux while 10 spins for 399 at a discounted rate. This is a daily event that users should use for rapid progression and owning all the vehicles.

Update Log
Update Log

Other cars available in the car Spin are Noob, Pink, Diamond Plate, Demon, Rust Bucket, Sand Dune and Lemon. Make sure to follow the perfect guide for instant results.


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