Starfield player built a ship that looks a lot like Charizard from Pokemon

A Starfield player has assembled an astonishing ship that gives a Pokemon touch to the game. The ship, built by Reddit user Knaivey, looks more like Charizard Pokemon.

“I may not have Palworld yet, but I’m doing my best to live the Palworld life. In space.”, says Knaivey.

Shipbuilding tools are an exceptional feature of Starfield, that lets the players live in their desired ships. Players tend to find their happiness implicitly by bringing some content from other video game titles.

Some like to manifest and dock jets in their Ship, meanwhile, some favor doing space exploration and even cleaning a planet for 8 hours.

Recently, one Starfield player crafted its very own Space Station. Following the now, the Palworld Pals are coming to Starfield.

Charizard ship in Starfield game
Image via knaivey

For those who aren’t into Pokemon much, Charizard is the final evolved version of Charmander Pokemon. Charizard is a Fire-Flying type Pok√©mon introduced in Generation 1, which looks like a dragon in orange color.

The given ship has stunned the Reddit community and the users are demanding tutorial on it. There is not much known about the creation, but the user seems to have a hurdle of ship exceeding the maximum length.

To solve it, knaivey used the console command to raise the length limitation and module count. There is no mod used in the creation, Knaivey has confirmed.

Have you ever made something unique in the game? Let us know in the comment section.


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