Starfield Has a Planet Full of Invisible Creatures

Through a post on Reddit Azuras-Becky, a Starfield player, highlighted a planet he came across, boasting a plethora of invisible animals. He was surveying the planet, Newton III, and noticed cloaked creatures.

Azuras-Becky noticed an interruption from the native species of Newton III, featuring an invisible trait. This means that the animals are not visible to the naked eye, and will require a device to spot them.

For ease of scouting Newton III, experts recommend a scanner or a mod called Recon Lazer Sight, which enables players to locate enemies from a distance. Once discovered, they can easily be eradicated using long-range weapons.

Posts from the starfield
community on Reddit

The community is speculating whether the cloaking is a new Bethesda feature or a bug. The question arises after players encounter numerous glitches throughout the game.

Bug or Feature

Creatures in Starfield

As Starfield has been supplying a variety of systematically developed planets, the invisibility of creatures might be an evolutionary adaptation of Newton III. Furthermore, Sparta IV is yet another planet where invisible creatures dwell.

Actually, Newton III and Sparta IV both are inhibited by a type of arachnids. Arachnids are peculiar eight-legged creatures. So, there are possibilities of imperceptibility of certain types of creatures by the bug.

In case it is a bug, it is very likely to be resolved soon. However, if it turns out to be a feature troubling aliens, then we recommend players go for mods that enhance weaponry strength.

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