Starfield New Update Introduces Expressions to Photo Mode

Bethesda has officially announced the upcoming release of the next major update of Starfield on Steam Beta on March 6th. With the anticipation surrounding the approaching Shattered Space DLC, this update aims to introduce quality-of-life improvements and address various bugs.

Through a recent tweet, Bethesda has hinted us at the purpose of the update, stating it will lay the groundwork “as we get ready to add more features and content to Starfield this year.”

Key Highlights

Starfield Photo Mode
Expressions in Photo Mode | Starfield

While the full details of the update are expected next week, Bethesda has offered a sneak peek at some of the upcoming features. The above image shows new expressions and poses integrated into the Photo Mode, allowing players to customize their in-game snapshots.

Additionally, explorers will benefit from an enhanced scanner for resource gathering during their travels. Completing missions and reactivating inactive quests have also been streamlined for smoother gameplay.

David Barron, previously inaccessible in “Sabotage” for many players, has been relocated. The face glitch, where characters would turn left while sprinting, has been repaired.

Furthermore, visual distinctions at Starborn Temples have been addressed, ensuring a more accurate representation of the game’s environment.

In response to a user inquiry regarding War Relics, Bethesda confirmed, “This (update) includes a fix for an issue where attempting to locate Kaiser before finishing all dialogue with Hadrian would update the quest without spawning Kaiser.”


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