This Starfield Plugin Changes the Game Completely by Adding More Than 50 Mods

Starfield has been with us for more than 5 months and has triumphed in maneuvering ultimate plenty of content. Still, players want more and like to breed TV shows, comics, and other video game features in Starfield. And, mods do that perfectly.

Following the trend, there are nearly 30 million mods available, as reported by Game Rant. Among those, some mods did have to stand up to expectations, enabling you to manifest something distinct in Starfield.

For instance, previously Gamer Stones reported a mod that allows Space Stations, and also one mod allows jets in the ship. If that doesn’t interest you, an enthusiast has even crafted a ship that looks like a Pokemon.

Even after engaging in numerous modifications, none matches this Starfield mod that completely changes the game by bundling over 50 mods.

Unique Starfield Mod

This mod named Royal Galaxy – A Compatible Starfield Revamp – Series One, created by JaeD invites wide complexity and interest to the game. Given the inclusion of 50 mods, given below are some of the tweaks.

Royal Galaxy plugin’s feature increases the number of threats on both Land and Air, making the game even more challenging. For instance, one of the mods has increased the spawning of the Terrormorphs creature.

And on the same hand, Royal Galaxy has also offered weapon rebalancing mods, weather changes, and enhanced Starborn powers to combat those challenges.

It has entirely altered the reward system and loots which provides easy access to every resource. Players will be given higher rewards for doing missions.

It gives double XP for the exploration missions, surveys, and constellation missions. 

Furthermore, the plugin has elevated the Legendary Drop chances even at the lower difficulty levels.

JaeD says, “My main goal in creating this plugin was to make it easier for new players to get into modding Starfield, while also reducing the burden for people using most of my mods to have to use so many plugins.”

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