This Starfield Mod Will Allow You to Dock and Fly Fighter Jets

Since Starfield’s official Creation Kit is scheduled to be released in 2024, the Modders already have intricate projects on their tables. Given that the in-game mechanisms are subject to modders’ alterations, we have already been through the mod of Space Station. And, now we can soon expect the docking of Fighter Jets in Starfield.

VG247 spotted the post on Reddit by Tau.Ceti Voidworks modgroup, the team is already working on dockable and flyable Fighter Jets.

“Having small fighter craft in the game seems to be quite the popular request.”, Deantendo, one of the modders, “We know we’d enjoy it, too. So we’ve decided to add it to our list of projects.”

[TCV mod group] So we’re working on making fighters a real thing
byu/deantendo instarfieldmods

Deantendo has confirmed that they initially will work on a semi-modular approach with the main body of the craft being one part to a degree, the cockpit (the place where the Pilot sits), wings, and weapons. He further clarified that they might even work on wings and engine snaps for better blending.

Tay.Ceti Voidworks is currently using F22 as the reference for styling, scaled with the smallest seat available in the Ship Build. Some full-sized and scaled weapons can be customized as well.

Modder added, “So far we’re very much in the development stage and figuring out the scale and the most basic parts,”.

From the reports, it is clear that the mod will allow players to outfit jets in their ships. Players can take off from the docking hanger, which has six faces available for various hanger styles.


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