Starfield Shattered Space DLC Expansion is on the Way

The release of Starfield in September 2023 saw a staggering peak player count of 330,723, but since then, the numbers have steadily declined, currently resting at 3,188.

Given Starfield’s primarily single-player nature, it’s no surprise that players tend to move on once they’ve completed the main storyline. In an effort to revert interest in Starfield and bring back lost players, Bethesda is gearing up to induce the Shattered Space DLC expansion.

Possibility of Starfield DLC

Insider-gaming reporter Grant Taylor-Hill noticed an intriguing update on SteamDB’s Starfield Downloadable Content listing page. A new entry labeled ‘Unknown App 2721670’ appeared just two days ago, hinting at the potential arrival of Shattered Space.

Similar metadata updates often precede DLC releases for games like Skyrim or Fallout, but it’s important to remember that these changes are speculative and should be taken with caution.

High Hopes

“Wanting more is the night that has no morning.”

Despite Starfield’s impressive Metacritic score of 83, it’s clear that players crave additional content. The anticipation for Shattered Space suggests that players are eagerly awaiting new experiences within the game.

Bethesda has an opportunity to deliver a DLC that leaves a lasting impact on Starfield and its community, and fans are hopeful that Shattered Space will fulfill that promise.

SteamDB is an informational website that creates insights into video game titles through applications and packages and keeps track of all changes.


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