Hogwarts Legacy Player Discovers an Abandoned Grotto

It’s quite a time since the Hogwarts Legacy launch, and still, it’s too soon to get enough of peculiar and mysterious places. What made us say this is the finding of a secret grotto by a Reddit user AJPWthrowaway.

The location of the spot is near the riverbed beside Hogwarts. The place looks to be deliberately left out of reach, and on entering it appears as an abandoned artificially forged cave, as one of the pics shows hanged clothes near a tent.

Grotto Location in Hogwarts Legacy
Grotto Location in Hogwarts Legacy (Image via Hogwarts Legacy)

Decents with Actual Novel

After taking a close look at the given photos, it is evident that the cave was up to something. It might share some decent with the actual novel.

Stumbled upon this interesting little unused area of a grotto. I can’t recall seeing this in any other part of the game
byu/AJPWthrowaway inHarryPotterGame

In the Harry Potter novel, there exist some references to abandoned caves like; The Seaside Cave, Spinner’s End Cave, and The Cave of Fiends. However, none of these caves shares any similarities with the esteemed grotto.

Apart from the cave, in the next slide, AJPWthrowaway introduced us to a unique symbol, that resembles Deathly Hollow symbols.

Unique symbol in Hogwarts Legacy Grotto
Intriguing sign in Hogwarts Legacy

Is it a Treasure Spot?

The player who discovered this abandoned grotto claimed that he had never seen any unused like this before. However, some Reddit users have already encountered such places.

More interestingly, one Redditor claimed that he came across three of these Grottos. And, all of them are separated by a cave wall.

But, what are these caves for? Are there any treasure or quest spots? Well, the user is reportedly using the Nexus PC Mod and found no treasures or loot at this point in time. Game Rant theorized that the developers might have carved it to utilize in some form, however, left it unfinished due to unforeseen development issues.

Isn’t Hogwarts Legacy very fascinating as we don’t know what more secrets it breeds? Do you know any of these hidden places? Let us know in the comment section.


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