Hogwarts Legacy shop has 3 diverse interiors based on entry door

A Hogwarts Legacy player has discovered a strange store that has 3 different interiors, based on the entry door. The shop is located at the center of Hogsmeade and has three doors; Red, Green, and Brown, each leading to different cabins.

Posted to Reddit by u/khaosbrown, the user shared a video when he came across a real-world magic boasting shop named Bingie & Blaich. The spell is very similar to the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie carnival, which too had a hut smaller from the outside but bigger inside.

Just noticed this piece of dev magic, 3 interiors in one shop depending on which door you enter… 👏🪄
byu/khaosbrown inHarryPotterGame

From the comments, it is clear that most of the players have visited this store, but haven’t noticed the magic bestowed by the developers. While some have praised the feature, some dedicated it to a glitch. One user theorized that the glitch fails to load the doors and ends up opening all three.

This is a very humorous comment by a Reddit user:

Wizard landlords when they realize they can charge rent multiple times for the same piece of land/house.

Given the Hogwarts Legacy’s huge open world, several intriguing locations keep amazing the players. But due to hurry, players tend to miss such amazing content. There could be additional enigmas that might have gone unnoticed. But thanks to Khaosbrown, the esteemed one has been noted.

Such hidden mechanisms are a very interesting feature of the game, and even after a year of the launch, it keeps us wanting more. For instance, near Hogwarts, there is an abandoned grotto.

Even though the game was a huge success, players still are awaiting DLC expansion. But will there be any DLC is unknown. In the case of DLC, having more content like this one could be very amusing.


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