New Chromebook feature is bringing Starred Files section to Files App

The recent ChromeOS 124 update introduced a Settings app redesign that leverages Material You. After getting a complete UI revamp, the Chromebook is now working on tools to improve functionalities. Soon, users will be able to mark files as Starred, which will appear in a dedicated folder in the Files App.

The given features are unlocked by enabling several Flags in Chromebook, which helps to test them before going public. However, it is possible that such features may not make it to a public release.

Starred Files section in the Files app
Starred Files section in the Files app | Gamer Stones

It is important to note that the ‘Starred Files‘ section is not functional yet. Also, we haven’t noticed any option to add files to it. From the given image, this menu appears to reference the functionality of allowing users to select and mark files. In this possibility, marked files might appear in Starred Files, enabling easy access to important documents.

In the latest version of Chromebook Dev 125.0.6398.0, we have spotted some Flags that enabled the Starred Files section. To try it yourself, search for the given Flag in Experiments.

Experimental UI features for Files app

Enable experimental UI features for Files app. Experimental features are expected to be non functional to end users. – ChromeOS


We suspect the ‘Starred Files‘ to have a sort of connection with the ‘Pin to Shelf‘ feature. The latter adds the selected file to Tote, located adjacent to the Calender Widget at the bottom-left corner. Even after pinning files to the shelf, we did not glimpse any change to the starred section.

Given the feature is still available on Dev, it has a long way to go live in the stable update.


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