Legend of Mushroom: The Gold Bar Theft Mystery Event [Guide + Tips]

Legend of Mushroom perfectly depicts the struggles of Shroom to revive the lost home. Players can unlock summon pals, boost rewards, and new classes to fight against powerful monsters in various challenges.

To make progress even faster, the game keeps on introducing timely events that reward users with an abundance of gold, resources, and new skins. Such a Gold Bar Theft event contains costumes, artifacts, and back accessories as a reward list.

Gold Bar Theft Mystery Challenge

The Gold Bar Theft
The Gold Bar Theft

Legend of Mushroom consists of an event section that refreshes challenges every few weeks. Gold Bar Theft has started and will last for the entire week. Players need to understand the working of new challenges and master them before flexible time runs out.

In general, the event can be divided into the following parts and when combined provide the best outcomes.

  1. Search for Gold Bar
  2. Uplift in Detective Ranking
  3. Solve Clues
  4. Recon Supply
  5. Find the Culprit

Searching for Gold Bar in Battles

Gold Bar collecting
Gold Bar collecting

Before diving into finding a thief, it is essential to locate in the battle. This tab provides minimum information about thieves which are required for detection.

Once the battle starts, start with the best skills and moves to defend the opponent and have access to clues along with extra rewards each time. Each day, users can collect a limited number of clue tickets from here.

It is recommended to focus on Skill Crit and DMG maximizing for higher-tier gifts.

Solving Clues

Solving Clues
Solving Clues

Once a good quantity of clues are collected, it’s time to solve them through the machine. Depending upon availability, lots of rewards are claimed that mainly include ×200 diamonds & golden shovels.

Other activities include drawing hints, tickets, and coins using these clues. Each draw drops a normal token but after exceeding the limit of 700, a guaranteed mega prize is filled with a bunch of rare items.

Eye of Raven reward
Eye of Raven reward

Eye of Raven is the most valuable sword listed in the reward list while Lustrous Plumage and Love in Chaotic Times is worth competing for.


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