Clash of Clans announces event roadmap for Egypt season (April 2024)

Clash of Clans announces roadmap for April 2024 where Egypt Season will entertain players for the whole month. Egypt Challenge will be the main focus along with Egyptian Skins for the heroes. As soon as the season starts, the Golden Sand and 3-Starry Nights challenge will take place.

COC April 2024 roadmap reveals Egypt Season

COC April 2024 Roadmap
COC April 2024 Roadmap

According to the official calendar for the April Season, Clan Games would take place at the end as usual while Clan War Leagues in the initial phase. There will be a Steak Event as well as an Egypt Challenge for exclusive rewards.

  • Season Challenges
  • Clan Games
  • Streak Event
  • Super Troop Medal Event
  • Egypt Challenge
  • CWL

Egypt Scenery coming

Egypt Scenery
Egypt Scenery

Each new season brings scenery based on a unique theme and Egyptian culture has occupied this time. Scenery includes the construction period of The Great Sphinx of Giza along with extremely minute characteristics. It is worth purchasing a season pass for this scenery.

Heroes will be getting Egyptian Skins

Hero Skins in Egypt Season
Hero Skins in Egypt Season

Instead of introducing new hero equipment, Ores would have a major focus, particularly in this season. Players with a season pass would get a chance to claim most of the Egyptian skins for Grand Warden, Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Royal Champion.

Streak Event from 22nd April

Streak Event
Streak Event

Supercell rarely adds additional events introduced truly for the reward purpose. Streak Event has been specially designed to reward players with plenty of Ores, magical items, and lots of resources.


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