COC Lunar New Year Season February 2024: Events & Challenges

Clash of Clans February 2024 season is back. It’s time for the Lunar New Year Season to bring a series of exciting events and challenges to reward skillful gamers with plenty of loot.

COC has officially revealed the February 2024 roadmap consisting of all happening on the X. To make it more furious, Seasonal Troops will be making their appearance once again.

COC Lunar New Year Season of February 2024

Gold Pass for Feb 2024
Gold Pass for Feb 2024

As the new season begins, players are focused on Gold Pass to claim their list of various resources and magical items. It looks like, Lunar Challenge #1 is based on Water Dragon troops while Lunar Challenge #2 is on Firecracker most probably.

Below is a series of events that will be happening and make sure to enjoy as well as try to complete each challenge.

Date: Event Name:
1 to 29 Season Challenges
1 to 3 Troop Events
1 to 7 Lunar Challenge #1
1 to 8 Clan War Leagues
5 to 7 2x Star Bonus
8 to 21 Dragon Festival
8 to 21 Lunar Challenge #2
22 to 28 Clan Games February 2024
26 to 28 1 Gem Boost

When it comes to hero skins, Lunar Dragon Champion is confirmed and can be equipped through Season Pass only. Purchasing one might give you benefits on visuals, resources, and time as well.

Season Challenges coming

For the whole month, various theme-based challenges will be introduced rewarding magical potions and XP.

Dragon Festival

Dragon Festival coming
Dragon Festival coming

As soon as Lunar Challenge 1 ends along with Clan War Leagues, we enter into the next phase of the Dragon Festival Challenge and Events to try Water Dragon.

Troops Events

CWL chasnges
CWL changes

Troop events based on army units will come back twice this season.

  • Bullseye
  • Whirl Power
  • Merciful Mayhem
  • Lunar New Year Challenge


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