Clash of Clans April Update of Temperamental Tentacles is now live

Clash of Clans April Update has been rolled out. Temperamental Tentacles has added the most wanted and awaited features that will directly impact players. Prominent features include tagging members, a new pet – Angry Jelly, the availability of a defensive layout, and ores included in the Star Bonus.

COC Temperamental Tentacles (April Update)

April Update details
April Update details

Angry Jelly

Since the introduction of pets, plenty of pets have been added with unique and special abilities. This update brings Angry Jelly which unlocks at Level 10 of Pet House from TH16 onwards.

Angry Jelly is a flying pet that gets attached to its hero and attacks immunity until the hero survives. Once the hero is eliminated, Angry Jelly is visible acting as normal troops. On upgrading the pet, the duration of Brainwash ability can be increased steadily.

Players can now Tag Clanmates

Chat Tag features have been included in the update based on community demand. Players can highlight messages for specific members only. Through Patch Notes, users can tag players its @username.

Being a Quality of Life improvement, the gaming community has loved it. Additionally, users can opt-in/out for tagging based on their priority.

Ores are now available in Star Bonus

Ores are valuable resources used for purchasing magical items, statues, and decorations. Earlier, occasional events and season pass was the way to earn it. Depending on the player’s current league, Ores will be rewarded along with gold, elixir, and dark elixir.

Other changes include Builder Base Defensive Layout, donation limit increment, and bug fixes. The Streak Event would begin shortly after the update.


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