Clash of Clans: Everything you need to know about ‘Rocket Balloon Spotlight’ event

The Rocket Balloon Spotlight event has started during the season of April 2024. Clash of Clans introduced Super Ice Bath along with a gold pass for additional rewards through collecting Ice Cube tokens. The event starts on 11th April and would entertain players for 10 days straight.

Rocket Balloon Spotlight Event

COC Rocket Balloon Spotlight
COC Rocket Balloon Spotlight

During this special event, players can force 3 super troops into battle to raid for resources. Depending upon the level of destruction and stars, Ice Cube tokens are rewarded which can be later used to trade valuable items in the Event Deals section.

How to get Ice Cubes in Rocket Balloon Spotlight
Reward List

April Season
April Season

Each star earned in multiplayer battles helps users to climb higher in the event. Rocket Balloon is the first reward of the Super Ice Bath that increases the maximum Ice Cube collecting limit.

Reward List

Reward List
Reward List

Each successful attack drops a handful of Ice Cubes. This limit can be exceeded by using a Rocket Balloon troop to maximize the destruction level. Also, the Star Bonus provides extra tokens and ores.

Once a player crosses the threshold of 10,000 Ice Cubes, all the following rewards will be available to claim.

  • Baby Ptah
  • Goblin Pharaoh
  • 30% training boost
  • Starry Ores – 80
  • Shiny Ores – 3,500
  • Glowy Ores – 850
  • Super Medals – 7,850

This reward list includes a free as well as a Gold Pass tier list. For consistent and experienced players, all rewards can be unlocked within the first few days.


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