Stumble Guys Store: Free Skins, Gems, Tokens and Web Offers

Stumble Guys Store is a platform backed by Stumble Guys which allows players to have access to newly introduced offers. Special Offers and Stumble Pass Special offers are prominent among them. Once the player makes a purchase, the refreshing Stumble Guys game makes you claim the rewards that you wished for.

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Among all the offers, One Time Web Offers add pretty useful and worth claiming before it ends soon. Some of the combos have mixed resources. So here is a Guide on the Stumble Guys Store and the best tips and tricks to use Store in Stumble Guys to get the maximum benefit out of it.

Stumble Guys Store

Stumble Guys store offers
Stumble Guys store offers
  • One Time Offers
  • Gem Offers
  • Token Offers
  • Stumble Pass Special
  • Web Bundle
  • Stumble Bundle
  • Welcome to the web offer

Stumble Guys has a separate section dedicated to News, Stumblers, Leaderboard, Community, Watch Live, and lastly the Store. It is a one-stop place that holds the best offers allowing players to get Free Gems via Giveaway and Free Skin via the Spin the Wheel dashboard.

Guide: Special Skins Stumble Guys

One Time Offers

As the name suggests, players can purchase this special value only once during their lifetime. To make it special, the amount of gems, and special skin has been increased. It allows users to attract huge resources at the lowest price ever.

Stumble Pass Special

Depending on each season, Stumble Guys includes skins and animation including footsteps and boxes of gems. At present, July Stumble Pass lists Watermelon Guy Skin and Palm Tree Pops Footsteps. This offer changes and gets update with every new season.

Web Bundle

Stumble Guys web bundles
Stumble Guys web bundles

Web Bundle and Stumble Web Bundle are similar to each other in terms of rewards but Stumble One has extra Skin of Special rarity making the overall cost more effective and high. Cool Emotes, Footsteps, and tokens are granted in good amounts.

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Gem Offers

  • 275 gems
  • 900 gems
  • 1800 gems + 80 bonus tokens
  • 575 gems + 300 bonus tokens

Every player wishes to get free gems in stumble guys but practically impossible to get thousands of gems through that process. Collecting a few hundred gems is possible after working hard to save existing gems and hunting every opportunity to get unlimited gem like sources. Stumble Pass also proves a better option for holding gem capacity.

How to: Free Gems in Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys Gem offers
Stumble Guys Gem offers

Stumble Pass doesn’t allow gems to be distributed freely and that’s where Stumblers have the option to buy gem offers in stumble guys. One can easily purchase gems through mini transactions at the cheapest rate which is equal to Saving gems for a whole month or two. That’s how powerful real money is.

Token Offers

  • 125 Stumble tokens
  • 1400 Season Tokens
Stumble Guys token offers
Stumble Guys token offers

After prioritizing Gems, Stumble Guys season tokens are important currency. Tokens allow the opportunity to unlock Special Skins as well as Legendary Skins with ease. But the quantity of Season Tokens required to unlock skins is a little higher making players grind harder. Scarcity of gems and now token leads players to have no option

then buy Season Tokens at the best value.

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