How to get Free/Unlimited Gems in Stumble Guys (2023)

Stumble Guys includes lots of skins that are not accessible with a free pass. Also, few skins make their way through season tokens and gems while limited edition skins are always claimed using Stumble Guys Skins.

With the 0.50 update, new maps are being introduced, availability of skin becomes easy.

Straightforward, players can unlock most skins using Gems but due to the scarcity of ways to earn them, it becomes tougher.

Here is a guide on How to earn gems in Stumble Guys. The way provided has no connection with the Stumble Guys Gem generator.

How to get unlimited gems in Stumble Guys

Gems through Stumble Pass

Free Stumble Guys Pass 2023
Free Stumble Guys Pass 2023

One of the easiest ways to get gems is by completing stumble guys’ passes. Upon every few successive stops, the player gets a chance to claim Stumble Guys skins & 50 gems.

Both free and paid passes have this feature but purchasing passes allows you to grab more gems than usual.

It is unlikely to get thousands of gems at once but one can be sure to collect a total of 300-500 gems through a pass in one season.

We generally have no opinion about Free stumble passes but worth it if affordable.

Gems from Lucky Wheel

Gems stumble guys
Gems stumble guys

Upon clicking free prizes that lie at the right top of the stumble guys game’s first page, the player is directed to the Lucky Wheel feature. This feature allows players to spin the wheel for watching advertisements to collect rewards.

There were instances in the past that made 1 spin free to cost to roll.

Lucky Wheel contains 50% chances to drop gems compared to 25% each of season tokens and skins.

This concludes getting small packets of gems is easier when the player needs to do a certain activity every 8 hours.

Gems from Tournament Winning

win tournaments in Stumble Guys
win tournaments in Stumble Guys

Tournaments are new features here; particular maps hold contestants into extremely competitive players. Top players get lots of gems. Similar to the stumble pass, there is a separate pass for the Tournament that has 15 stops and rewards gems with an increasing count for every successful movement.

Purchasing bundles from Official Website

This method is quite costly and requires real cash in hand to proceed. On a weekly basis, new value packs are listed at discounted prices for new players as well as existing ones.

Bundles are a combination of multiple skins with lots of gems & tokens and sometimes emotes are distributed for free.

The reason behind this tactic is here is that players are crazy for each new skin that has the extremely rare possibility of equipping.

But not everyone is talented to earn and this is the simplest shortcut that the company allows players to take while spending some money.

Participate in Giveaway free always holds huge Giveaways to their participants, particularly top performers. Last time, over 10,000 gems were distributed among 120 players while the past includes rare skins for free of cost.

It is very easy to claim free skins, you just need to log in through the official website using the correct stumble guys credentials and wait to be lucky enough to win prizes.

Winning Gems in Events

win events in Stumble Guys
win events in Stumble Guys

Events are the most competitive yet most profitable and worthy source of gems and bucks as income. Events not only last for a few weeks but arrive each time a new update is rolled out.

Now, MrBeast Skins were categorised but MrBeast tokens and bucks were given to winners in huge quantities.

To your surprise, there is more than one event live simultaneously ongoing making it a pretty fair chance to earn gems and epic skins based on the gaming skill that the player develops.

We recommend focusing more on the event section followed by tournaments once maps and daily missions are completed.

Gems through Stumble Guys Codes

Stumble Guys Codes
Stumble Guys Codes

Nowadays, Stumble Guys Codes are getting popular, which obviously helps in redeeming gems for free. Each content creator of Stumble Guys on Youtube, Website, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and more has a unique Creator Code allowing players to claim gems and tokens for free.

  • YES
  • SG100

These codes not only support the creator but ultimately reward more percentage of coins to the user on a regular interval.

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