May Stumble Pass: Good N’ Devil and Cereal Killer Skins in Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys has brought new skins, animations, and emotes in the May Season. Just after the introduction of Nerf update, it is time to welcome Good N’ Devil and Cereal Killer skin. Here is the complete guide on May Stumble Pass which features a new map coming with it.

May Stumble Pass

With each new season, players get the opportunity to try out rare skins that have been carefully produced so everyone loves them. There are big updates that added Nerf Arena matches and Rabbids Stumblers to the game. For continuing this legacy, a new stumble pass has been released. Players can access free rewards but only subscribed members would be able to claim exclusive rewards.

Stumble Guys: Good N’ Devil Skin

Good N' Devil Stumblers
Good N’ Devil Stumblers

This is a unique type of stumbler skin, consisting of the half part of the good angel and the other part of the bad devil. Overall skin is worth to play and emotes are highly appreciated on this skin. Similar to Legendary Skin, Good N’ Devil is fun to play stumbler available from this season onwards.

Stumble Guys: Cereal Killer Skin

Cereal Killer Stumbler
Cereal Killer Stumbler

Nobody thought Box of Cereals will be competing among other stumblers. Cereal Killer is the next-level version of Cereal Box having long legs and hands with a big face. Players reactions have been mixed on this skin but eventually, players would be loving this new stumbler skin.

Stumble Guys May Edition: Emotes and Animations

Stumble Guys new emotes and animations
Stumble Guys new emotes and animations

New victory animation of emotes:

  • Fireworks Fire
  • You Like Me
  • RIP You
Stumble Guys Wet Kick emote
Stumble Guys Wet Kick emote

Among footsteps and emotes, there is one specific emote that has a high demand. Its Wet Kick is a special one that has a better impact on victory and matches. Stay playing Stumble Guys along with Nerf Edition into Nerf Arena, Cannonball Chaos, and Robo Rummage.


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