Stumble Guys 0.54 Update: Crab’s Landing – How to Play & Win [Guide]

Stumble Guys 0.54 Update is set to be live after MrBeast Update gets over. With this new update, players will have a brand new map called Crabs Landing. Also, the Ice Caramba map is brought by adding extra features of the snow location of the game.

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Here is a guide on How to win in Crabs Landing allowing players to claim exclusive skins such as Golem along with a chance to get Free gems in Stumble Guys. Fantastic start to the new update, keep on reading to understand how to download 0.54 Stumble Guys Update & APK to play before others do.

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Stumble Guys 0.54 Update

Stumble Guys - Crabs Landing & Ice Caramba
Stumble Guys – Crabs Landing & Ice Caramba

At present, Stumble Guys version 0.53 is live and once all the ongoing events and tournaments end, we hit the next update which is pretty fun to play in a beach & island theme environment.

If you’re wondering, how to download Stumble Guys latest version, below are instructions to follow

  1. Open the Play Store or App Store
  2. Search for Stumble Guys by Scoopely
  3. Install/ Update the latest versions
  4. Or direct download from your browse
  5. Use Uptodown or APKPure to get the latest updated game
  6. Enjoy playing Crabs Landing & Ice Caramba maps

Stumble Guys Crabs Landing

How to play Crabs Landing in Stumble Guys

How to play & win Crab's Landing map
How to play & win Crab’s Landing map

Crabs Landing is the newest map following Stumble Guys MrBeast Warehouse. The map contains islands partially submerged in the sea ( kind of island ). Occasionally big sized crabs pop out of the water to eliminate Stumblers while the level increases drastically. This makes the level a little harder for new players.

With recent news, lots of new skins are confirmed. From Normal to rare, Epic to Legendary, and finally from Mythic to Special skins. Gameplay-based equipping this skin would enrich the beauty of the game and thereby increase the competitive environment.

Hence player needs to focus on his skill improvement in order to withstand performance pressure.

How to win Crabs Landing in Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys Crabs Landing
Stumble Guys Crabs Landing

Now, that you know about the new Stumble Guys map, your priority should be to learn the basics to complete the level without getting eliminated. This ensures the player is capable of dodging all the unexpected traps coming from all sides hitting users.

  1. Use wooden stairs instead of jumping over rotating crab claws
  2. Stay in the middle area to be secure from nearby water
  3. Next, remain at the highest altitude as the water level keeps changing
  4. Move away from Crabs via jump and slide
  5. At last, climb the biggest Crab Status and enter the crown to win the game
  6. Use different tactics to find the easiest path leading to victory.

Conclusion: If you may be unaware of the above tactics but have been playing Stumble Guys for the past many years, it’s highly possible that your map & level skills are on the next level and working as a booster in every battle you face.

Stumble Guys Crabs Landing: Tips & Tricks

Stumble Guys New Map Tips & Tricks
Stumble Guys New Map Tips & Tricks

Follow the below listed powerful tips and tricks to enhance your performance Legendary level and who knows, you might top the leaderboard with a #1 rank every time.

  • Your aim is to avoid elimination by qualifying before a certain member limit
  • After experiencing the map, use the middle shortcut to stay ahead of others
  • Stop the journey when water submerges the land and resume thereafter
  • Crab keeps making trouble so be careful and avoid them
  • Use controls carefully and win the map easily
  • Remember, the risky path is the shortest but not made for all stumblers
  • Play Ice Caramba Map to have an idea of avoiding obstacles and winning the event


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