Stumble Guys MrBeast Warehouse: How to Win [TRICKS]

Stumble Guys 0.53 Update is now out and bringing all sorts of new skins & events related to MrBeast. With this new season, the Stumble Guys MrBeast Warehouse map is ready to play. Here is a complete guide on how to win in this map along with tips & tricks to easily get qualified in the round and win free skins.

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Stumble Guys MrBeast Warehouse

Stumble Guys MrBeast
Stumble Guys MrBeast

Players can compete in new game mode via MrBeast Stumble Guys Epic Skins making gameplay more furious and attractive. MrBeast Warehouse is a somewhat different map in terms of difficulty level as well as traps and obstacles inserted. Large rotating fans, broad gates, etc are genius features seen on the map.

When it comes to events & tournaments, MrBeast Frantic Factory would last for a few weeks and provides free skin and tokens in a tremendous way.

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How to win MrBeast Warehouse in Stumble Guys

MrBeast Warehouse Tips
MrBeast Warehouse Tips

Similar to other Stumble Guys Maps, there is always an easy way to win the map in less time compared to other stumblers. The map itself can be divided into subparts and those obstacles are overcome by the following tricks listed below. Sometimes, players need to wait for the perfect opportunity to dive or jump but overall complexity remains the same.

  • Start Early When time starts
  • Jump twice from one block to another
  • Slide immediately to pass the large gate
  • Dive towards fans to move ahead
  • Don’t jump on red plates of the next stage object
  • Smarty avoids hammers to reach Feastables
  • Climb stairs via Jumps to reach the win line
  • Practice & win each round for sure

Stumblers can use these tricks to win not only this specific round but all other maps leading them to rank in the top 3 in most cases.

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