Stumble Guys: How to Complete Missions FAST (Guide)

Stumble Guys Game is moving forward heading towards a big leap by expanding its audience from mobile devices to consoles. New updates are arriving faster than expected to make players busy in the game. A major part of the game involves competing in different maps while Completing Mission still remains a top priority to claim free rewards.

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Here is ultimately a guide on How to complete missions in Stumble Guys and hunt for premium prizes. It includes a list of a few working and effective tips and tricks to help stumblers reach in no time.

Stumble Guys Mission

Missions in Stumble Guys are divided into the following major categories. Depending upon the time complexity and work required, this mission should be prioritized and appropriate steps should be taken. It is recommended to finish off daily missions on an everyday basis which is a steady source of Free Skins rewards.

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  • Weekly Objectives
  • Special Missions
  • Daily Mission
  • Event Missions
  • Stumble Mission

How to Complete Missions in Stumble Guys

How to complete Stumble Guys Mission
How to complete Stumble Guys Mission

Special Mission arrives with new updates such as Stumble Guys MrBeast Skins & Update. Those can be completed by playing through special maps introduced during this time. Event Mission is related to ongoing events and tournaments going on. Weekly Objectives are the hardest to complete among all the missions.

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  1. Open Stumble Guys Game
  2. Click on Mission from the right top corner
  3. Weekly, Daily, and Special missions are listed
  4. Complete the task to earn Free Gems as rewards
  5. Following below tips and tricks wisely
  6. Use these rewards to unlock Special Skins

Stumble Guys Mission: Tips and Tricks

Stumble Guys Mission Tips & Tricks
Stumble Guys Mission Tips & Tricks
  • Focus on daily missions (easy to complete)
  • Event mission leads to Stumble Guys Skin
  • Head towards the weekly mission at the last spot
  • Prioritized missions based on reward value
  • Reroll mission only when needed
  • Keep checking the mission tab on a daily basis
  • Practice maps more frequently

These are tips and tricks proven by top players of Stumble Guys Epic Skin allowing rapid completion of tasks in the easiest way. Another way includes practicing and dedicating more time to games which significantly improves gaming skills.


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