Stumble Guys Barbie Dream Dash: How to Win, Best Tips & Tricks

Stumble Guys has made Barbie Update live featuring Barbie Dream Map along with two events – Barbie Dream Challenge & Barbie Malibu Mayhem Event. Not only events but also the best skins have arrived in the store. Collecting Barbie Tokens (new) and redeeming for skins is available.

Here is a guide on Barbie Dream Dash Stumble Guys Map and how to play & win easily every time. In order to stay away from getting eliminated, one must learn the basics of the round and tips to increase performance that beats the rest of the stumblers.

Trick: How to get free skins in Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys Barbie Dream Dash Map

Barbie Dream Dash Map
Barbie Dream Dash Map

Most of the visuals resemble Barbie World and consist of missions to collect various items such as Football, Guitar, Mushroom, and Telescope. Collecting and delivering before other stumblers do its ultimate aim leads players to victory. Do check out our Stumble Guys Block Dash Event for more ideas.

How to play & Win in Barbie Dream Dash in Stumble Guys

Lots of traps make it difficult for players to collect items and deliver them to their respective areas in a timely manner. We have provided tips and tricks that help players score well and top the leaderboard in most cases. As a pro tip, get Stumble Guys Special Skin in the gameplay to enrich the gaming experience while playing this level.

How to win in Barbie Dream Dash
How to win in Barbie Dream Dash
  1. Choose Stumble Guys Dream Dash Map
  2. Keep collecting items shown on the screen
  3. Each item is found at certain locations only
  4. Deliver the item before other stumblers do
  5. Play repeatedly to boost performance
  6. And finally claim Barbie Skins for free

Tips and Tricks to Win in Barbie Dream Dash in Stumble Guys

Here are the best tips and tricks listed that help players to achieve items in the fastest way thereby leading the game to get the top spot in the leaderboard. Prepare yourself and play wisely as this map has unexpected surprises many times

Stumble Guys Barbie Dream Dash Tips
Stumble Guys Barbie Dream Dash Tips
  • The map contains 4 objects to be collected
  • Football lies in Goal Post area
  • Telescope available in the highest tower on the map
  • Mushrooms located near trees
  • Guitar hidden in speaker side
  • Each object has a trick to collect via a shortcut
  • Apply tips and see the results

Guide: Stumble Guys Gem Generator

These tips help players to claim more skins as tokens and gems are collected in a rapid way. Try experiencing the same levels for multiple times to understand shortcut paths and moves.


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