Cave Crawl Stumble Guys: Play & Win Prehistoric Skins [FREE]

Stumble Guys Prehistoric Skins are waiting for you to claim them. With the help of the Cave Crawl Stumble Guys Event, one can try out a new map to have some chance to get legendary stumblers. Here is a guide on Stumble Guys Cave Crawl with the finest tactics to let you rank #1 in the leaderboard.

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Cave Crawl Stumble Guys

In the recent, 0.55 Stumble Guys Update, sneak peeks of Prehistoric gameplay was hinted. Now it’s officially confirmed and an update has been rolled out allowing players to play Cave Crawl Challenge as well as Beast Challenge which is ongoing simultaneously with it.

Rewards of Cave Crawl Challenge

  • Round 1: 20 stars & 100xp
  • Round 2: 25 stars, 10 trophies & 500xp
  • Round 3: 30 stars, 20 trophies & 1500xp
  • Prehistoric Skins

How to play Cave Crawl Event in Stumble Guys

Cave Crawl Stumble Guys
Cave Crawl Stumble Guys

Nowadays, lots of new events are ongoing. Endless Block Dash has been repeated several times such that players have mastered and this easy wins for them. Similarly, it becomes necessary to learn the basics of the Cave Crawl Challenge to beat opponent Stumble without getting early elimination.

If you are new to the game or don’t know how to start an Event or Challenge in the tournament, follow the below steps to secure your spot to compete for exciting skins.

  1. Open the Stumble Guys game
  2. Navigate to Event by clicking the right bottom side sticker
  3. Choose Cave Crawl Event listed among other ongoing challenges
  4. Tap on Play to enter rounds and ultimately win skins
  5. Use our provided tips & tricks to perform better each time.

How to get Prehistoric Skins in Stumble Guys

Prehistoric Skin Stumble Guys
Prehistoric Skin Stumble Guys

Prehistoric Skins are new updated skins that will be introduced soon. Until now, images and appearance have been revealed but names and exact rarity have been kept secret. By winning this event, one has a chance to get one or many Prehistoric Skin for free.

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