Stumble Guys improvises Stumble Pass in Dungeons & Dragons update

Stumble Guys in collaboration with Dungeons & Dragons has improvised Stumble Pass providing freedom of choice rather than a sequential collection of rewards. The 0.68 Update has evolved Pass into choice-centric based on the audience feedback.

Stumble Guys favors choice for selection rewards in Revamped Stumble Pass

New changes to Pass
New changes to Pass

A normal season includes a Stumble Pass that rewards players with emotes, tokens, and skins as they proceed higher in the ladder. As rewards were limited and the rarest would be present at the end of the tier, it was always difficult to claim them.

  1. Play matches to earn stars
  2. Collect more stars to level up faster
  3. Each level provides Pass Tokens
  4. Pass Tokens are the ultimate key to choosing between favorable rewards
  5. Collecting skins and gems is made a lot easier by this revamp

This problem has been sorted and players can choose their favorite items as well as skip a few levels to gain access to exclusive skins.

More missions added

Special missions
Special missions

The special missions have been added to the mission menu. Daily and weekly tasks focus on certain specific levels while special quests would provide ultimate gifts on completion.

Apart from ordinary matches, participation in events and tournaments would matter more than ever.

As the Dungeons & Dragons update is live, the revamp stumble pass is available along with the Stumbles & Dragons Map to complete and hunt for Dragon skins. Players can upgrade to Deluxe offers instead of ordinary ones for extra benefits.


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