Stumble Guys Mythic Skin: How to Unlock [FREE]

Stumble Guys brings Mythic Skins to the game player 0.51 update which is currently most valuable and rated as an extreme rarity. Chances to get all the Mythic Skin in Stumble guys are as low as winning hundreds of matches with Top 1 in the leaderboard. At present, very few skins are available in this Mythic section while new skins will be added in each season.

Similar to Legendary Skins in Stumble Guys, Mythic Skin is rare but to a greater extent. Getting Free Mythic Skins through the Spin The Wheel or Lucky Wheel menu is almost impossible. So, Here is a guide on Stumble Guys Mythic Skins and How to get Mythic Skins for free in the game.

Follow tips and tricks along with best practices to keep collecting each and every skin in the upcoming future.

Mythic Skins Stumble Guys

free mythic skins in stumble guys
free mythic skins in Stumble guys

How to get Mythic Skins in Stumble Guy

Mythic Skins are now the top priority of each player and are on a mission to collect and unlock each and every Mythic Skin. In order to proceed, one must know the right strategy and ways that can help players unlock the Free Mythic Skins in the most efficient way.

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  • Spin the Wheel for Mythic Skins
  • Lucky Wheel using Gems
  • Buy Stumble Guys Pass
  • Use Season Tokens to unlock Mythic Skin
  • Spend Gems to Mythic Skin
  • Purchase Bundle Packs consisting of skins
  • Participate in Giveaway to get the chance to win skins

How to Unlock Stumble Guys Mythic Skins for free

Being hard to collect and add every Mythic Skin, there are certain tricks that help increase the chance to claim brand new skin for free. Getting free means costing no real money but in-game resources like Gems, Season Tokens will be needed.

Spinning wheel for multiple slots to change region location to different to try out which one is suitable the most.

mythic free skin
mythic free skin

Check out our previous guide on ways to get Stumble Guys Special Skins which come under Mythic Stumblers most of the time. There is a wide relationship between the both as the new update brings new stumblers of this rarity.

10 Best Stumble Guys Mythic Skins List

Best mythic skin in stumble guys
Best mythic skin in Stumble guys
  • Emoji_Jutsu
  • Dark Firefist
  • Bolt
  • Liquid Rainbow
  • Gold Rabbid
  • Smoke
  • Apocalypse
  • Rain
  • Skeletal Dragon
  • Ruby Cupid
  • Golden Robo

After the official news, all the skins and Stumbler List would not be playable on Xbox as well. The above list of top and best mythic skin is based on a tier list that has certain criteria to decide on worthiness. Upon viewing, the player can clear idea of how this skin is different from the normal one.

Which type of Skins are best in Stumble Guys

The short answer is Special Skins. But most players prefer Mythic characters over special and legendary ones due to their attractive looks. More animated emotes and footstep suit best over them and thus Youtubers make the audience go crazy with this comparison.

General order contains Special > Mythic > Legendary > Epic > Rare > Normal, as the introducing newest skins are more valuable. We recommend you be free to choose any skin to take into rounds as personal satisfaction and confidence are needed to win battles.

Tips and Tricks to Get Mythic Skins Fast

Mythic skins are rarest of rare, and hardest to unlock. There are many ways but most of them longer time than usual. Besides probability of getting a mythic sort of skin is extremely low and can be considered impossible to get multiple stumblers in a row.

  1. Spin Lucky Wheel more often
  2. Grab the opportunity to claim event-based wheels as well
  3. Event and Tournament lets you win Premium skin for free
  4. Purchasing Stumble Pass doubles the rate of unlocking Mythic Skins
  5. Collect Rest Other Skin so Mythic Skins appear more often
  6. Use Stumble Guys Codes to redeem gems and skins

It should be noted that, after each update new mythic skins are rolled out along with Special, Legendary, and Epic skins in the same quantity. So, all the tier list has to be modified in order to rank them on the basis of rarity or popularity.

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