Stumble Guys: How to Create New Levels in Stumble Workshop

Stumble Guys yet never let’s disappoint their stumblers. From bringing Updates based on collaborations to importing a bunch of skins, Scopely is always there for you. To make it more exciting, Stumble Guys released the Stumble Workshop feature with the recent update.

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With Stumble Guys Workshop, every player can create their own level based on their imagination, interest, and obstruction items that are present across different maps. This is the biggest mod update release which brought the most awaited surprise of all time.

Here is a guide on how to create levels using Workshop in Stumble Guys along with best practices to follow in order to cherish competition and the hardness of each round. Complete details are available below.

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Stumble Guys Stumble Workshop

Use Custom Party to create new levels inside Workshop
Use Custom Party to create new levels inside the Workshop

With the recent announcement, The Alchemist, the mastermind behind this concept takes us on a long journey explaining the need and basic working of models which would ultimately lead to the formation of brand new maps and levels.

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If you are wondering, are there any limitations on forming maps? Then your imagination is the only thing that can stop you from making map levels that are toughest to qualify or top the leaderboard.

How to create a new level using Workshop in Stumble Guys

How to create levels in Stumble Guys
How to create levels in Stumble Guys
  1. Click on the Workshop button from the home screen of Stumble Guys
  2. Choose the template, and game mode and assign a name to the map
  3. Use custom objects and modify them to create levels in the map
  4. Customize each obstruction to make it easier or more difficult
  5. Finally, invite friends to participate in this newly created level of the game.

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Now, let’s understand about components that would be contributing majorly to the game.

List of Templates in Stumble Workshop

Templates in Stumble Workshop
Templates in Stumble Workshop

In order to help newbies to grant ideas about the Workshop, some helper templates are available that can be modified on a priority basis.

  • Blank Canvas
  • The Architect
  • Easy Street
  • Fan Service
  • Slip N Slide
  • Bricks by Brick
  • Tinkerer’s Toy Box
  • The Big One
  • The Gauntlet

Stumble can spend quality time with a Blank template to fuse reality with fiction for generating popular maps.

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Toys in Stumble Workshop

All toys in Stumble Guys Workshop
All toys in Stumble Guys Workshop

Toys are objects that create obstructions and thus difficulty while completing the round. This can be cannon balls or fans and sometimes magical things that are controlled by natural rule.

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  • Cannons
  • Spinning Beams
  • Hammer Obstacles
  • Bumpers
  • Trampoline
  • Tiles
  • Swinging Hammer
  • And many more

We can expect bigger additions to these toys and hence more options available for players. For more questions, visit the FAQ page of the Workshop to get insights.

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